Carpenter workplace for women in Nicaragua; in this job they can take care for their children and are not dependent on the fathers.

Local population in Kameroun protests against the owners of palm oil plantations that take away their grounds and harm the environment.

For a better world

We are seven friends in and around the town of Heemstede (Netherlands). We maintain a fund to give financial support to groups who are deprived or oppressed, but who initiate activities to obtain a structural improvement of their situation.

We also invite workers in the field to tell us about their experiences. Mostly it concerns problems and actions in the third world. For example traditional farmers who resist mining companies or agro-industries that threaten their land and living. Or education for youth in slums which provides them better opportunity for a job and for starting a family. Or actions against sexual harassment.

Our support is valuable for those who execute such projects. New participants and donations are welcome.

The Solidarity Fund Heemstede is an officially recognized charity foundation in The Netherlands. The board consists of the fiends and meets 6 times a year. The receipts of the fund consist of the contributions by the members of the board and by some donors.

In selecting projects we consider the following criteria:

  • the intended improvement has a structural character,
  • empowerment of deprived groups in a society,
  • promotion of fair distribution and opportunities,
  • promotion of a clean and sustainable environment,
  • promotion of peace and reduction of violence,
  • the activity is initiated and executed by local people,
  • the project is an encouraging example to others in the area,
  • the probability of success, and
  • the project receives little or no support by other donors.